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GLASGOW BUSINESS CONSULTING LTD is registered in Uk With the company registration No (SC678348). We are supplying car parts and accessories to retailers, car accessory shops, motor factors and market traders in the Scotland on their demand.

why us

Choosing us means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of sourcing individual parts which can be time consuming. We deal directly with the manufacturer’s some of whom are situated abroad in Germany and Poland who are specialised in producing manufacturer approved parts at a discounted rate.

1. Most of our trade customers get delivery directly from the manufacturer.

2. We can get most of our orders dispatched from Europe to anywhere in the UK within 24 hrs. 

 3. We do not have a massive warehouse which to run our operation is cost effective and the savings are passed on to our clients through our discounted rates

Body Repair & garages

The car parts and everything you may need for repairs and regular maintenance of your vehicle will be sourced and supplied to you We offer an on-demand delivery service to independent garages and workshops. A full range of Original Equipment and matching parts from the leading automotive aftermarket and OE suppliers. By working closely with our suppliers we are able to provide our customers with the confidence that they get the right part on time.

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